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  • In-Depth 1-on-1 Examination

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  • Comprehensive X-Rays (if necessary)

  • Detailed Report of Findings by Dr. Matt

  • 1-Hour Therapeutic Massage

(Senior Citizens-Some Restrictions May Apply)

Get Long Lasting Relief From Nagging Pain


Having constant, sharp or achy pain?

Trouble walking, sitting, or standing?

Difficulty sleeping due to pain?

Headaches and mental lapses are part of your day?

Been told you may need surgery?

   Is Pain Ruining Your Life?




I am Dr. Matthew Maurer. Often patients arrive in my office in chronic pain and taking handfuls of painkillers daily. Normally, their pain is the result of past accidents, injury, or overuse and they have endured an increasing level of discomfort for years. Most have been forced to reduce their activity in life. Some have been told that they would require surgery or that they have to learn to "cope with the pain" for life.

Rightfully, they come to us looking for a better option.

Our advanced pain relief program is the result of years of research, medical discoveries, and endless case studies. It is a unique approach to back pain and does not resort to pain medications or surgery. While every case is different, we often see dramatic improvement in a patient's pain and range of motion in just a few days.

You too can live pain free. It is my duty as your doctor to help you get there.

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Located in Springfield, Missouri, Family Back and Neck Care Centre is a recognized healthcare treatment facility focusing on the application of non-surgical therapies for back pain relief and spinal health. Tens of thousands of successful patients have benefited from this unique clinical approach.

Established over 25 years ago, and Open 6 days a week, at  Family Back and Neck Care Centre, we strive to treat each patient as an individual and provide the proper and most effective adjustments that allow the body to heal itself from the inside out, without the use of drugs or medications. 

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